Cool Springs House, Franklin, Tennessee

“Time together with family is a gift.” ~ Joanna Gaines

I had the distinct pleasure to meet Carrie and her beautiful family, as well as extended family members and Mimi and Grandaddy, the day after Thanksgiving this year for a family portrait session. I worried the weather was going to force us to reschedule, but the rain held off and even though it was a cloudy day, I got some great shots of this family!

I love meeting new people, but, I especially love to the hear their stories and get to know them a little better. They do not all live in the same state. In fact, a few of them were flying back to Texas the day after the photo shoot. As I snapped away, watching the families interact with each other, laugh, and goof off together, I felt thankful that I could freeze a few moments in time for them to remember this season fondly. What a beautiful legacy they have!

I hope that during Thanksgiving and Christmas, we all will be thankful for our families and the time we get with them!

The Wald Family

December 7, 2022



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